80 players in this final LMS game of the season – 8 rounds of games left, hopefully that should be sufficient time to complete the game! In the event that the game is still running on 23rd May then the ¬£400 pot will be shared by all still standing after the final Premier League games have been played! Eight different teams picked in this opening round, with two in the same game meaning at least one person will fall at the first hurdle. Continue reading “LMS – GAME 5 ROUND 1”

Final LMS game of the season

With Game 4 down to the last three players and a guaranteed winner, time to start Game 5, which will be the last game of this season. 8 rounds left to play, should be enough, if not all players standing after the season has ended would ¬†share the pot. You might want to plan ahead for Round 3 with two games postponed due to the Carabao Cup final. Continue reading “Final LMS game of the season”