Last Man Standing

Just over a day and a half for the kick off of the new season. Deadline for the first LMS game of the season is 7pm tomorrow (Friday 13th August). 53 confirmed entries at the moment, expecting some late entries. Confirmed list below, if you spot someone missing who you know is meant to be entering then give them a nudge!

Adam Dealing
Adele Ward
Allan Jones
Andrew Burns
Becci Morton
Bill Murphy
Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson Snr
Chris Mowles
Christopher Grierson
Colin Eunson
Daniel Pickering
Dave Nicholls
Dave Phillips
Dave Weston
David Hayhoe
Gary Storer
Gemma Jackson
Gisela Mowles
Graeme Tinker
Ian O’Brien
James Grierson
Janet Carr
Jason Harrison
Jenny Rothwell
John Lamming
Kevin Murphy
Lauren Haigh
Lisa Mensah
Lynn Storer
Martin Grierson
Martin McShane
Melvin Pool
Michael Grierson
Michael Matthews
Michael Thomas
Neil Metcalf
Pat Boddy
Paul Boddy
Paul Giles
Paul Maiden
Paul Murphy
Pauline Jackson
Peter Carroll
Peter Wooldridge
Phil Haigh
Ralph Dealing
Shaun McGee
Ste Matthews
Steve Smith
Stuart Davies
Tony Raybould
Trevor Faulkner

For those that haven’t played before – you need to pick a team that you will win their game that weekend – they win and you go through, draw or lose and you are out. Rinse and repeat for subsequent rounds until the last person is standing and takes the prize pot – you cant pick the same team twice. Full rules can be viewed here. Ran 5 games of this last season, with an average of 81 players and an average prize of £461. Entry is £5 and you must send me an email by 7pm (an hour before the first game kicks off) with your selection for Round 1. First four sets of fixtures below, to let you plan ahead (you only need to let me know Round 1 to start with though!).

Friday 13 August 2021

Brentford 20:00 Arsenal
Saturday 14 August 2021
Man Utd 12:30 Leeds
Burnley 15:00 Brighton
Chelsea 15:00 Crystal Palace
Everton 15:00 Southampton
Leicester 15:00 Wolves
Watford 15:00 Aston Villa
Norwich 17:30 Liverpool
Sunday 15 August 2021
Newcastle 14:00 West Ham
Spurs 16:30 Man City

Saturday 21 August 2021
Liverpool 12:30 Burnley
Aston Villa 15:00 Newcastle
Crystal Palace 15:00 Brentford
Leeds 15:00 Everton
Man City 15:00 Norwich
Brighton 17:30 Watford
Sunday 22 August 2021
Southampton 14:00 Man Utd
Wolves 14:00 Spurs
Arsenal 16:30 Chelsea
Monday 23 August 2021
West Ham 20:00 Leicester

Saturday 28 August 2021
Man City 12:30 Arsenal
Aston Villa 15:00 Brentford
Brighton 15:00 Everton
Newcastle 15:00 Southampton
Norwich 15:00 Leicester
West Ham 15:00 Crystal Palace
Liverpool 17:30 Chelsea
Sunday 29 August 2021
Burnley 14:00 Leeds
Spurs 14:00 Watford
Wolves 16:30 Man Utd

Saturday 11 September 2021
Crystal Palace 12:30 Spurs
Arsenal 15:00 Norwich
Brentford 15:00 Brighton
Leicester 15:00 Man City
Man Utd 15:00 Newcastle
Southampton 15:00 West Ham
Watford 15:00 Wolves
Chelsea 17:30 Aston Villa
Sunday 12 September 2021
Leeds 16:30 Liverpool
Monday 13 September 2021
Everton 20:00 Burnley

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