All games played. Just the one casualty in this round – 49 players still standing for Round 5.


Round 5 is a midweek set of fixtures. I am out all day on Tuesday 14th and won’t be able to send an update, so deadline for Round 5 is 8pm, on MONDAY 13th December. Although I am out Monday night as well, so update will probably be sent whenever I get up Tuesday morning!

I also need to address the situation with COVID. I had a phone call and received 6 emails from players expressing concern over the fact that some players went through with Brighton. Firstly, there is a quite explicit rule around cancelled/postponed games (full rules can be viewed here):
10. In the event of a match involving your selection being postponed or cancelled (after you have made your selection) for any reason you will continue to the next round. However, that team will no longer be available for selection. If 3 or more games in one round are cancelled then the round will be voided and the game will continue with the next planned round. Once a postponement is confirmed then the teams involved can no longer be selected. The pot cannot be won by winning with a selection involving a postponed match. In such an event, the person still standing would play an additional round and would need to win that next round to take the pot. Failure to win that round would result in the pot rolling over to the next game.

This situation happened last year (I amended the rules that you couldn’t win on a postponed game) and I seem to recall an instance a few seasons back where a Burnley game was in doubt due to snow and someone picked them as a gamble – I don’t recall any fuss then?! Additionally, on current form, I’d have said Brighton had a decent chance of beating Spurs at home anyway regardless of the COVID situation!

In my opinion, it’s just one of them things – the rule will stand. It’s not at though those three people had some inside knowledge, there was speculation that the game could be called off but if you look earlier in the season, Arsenal had to play a weakened side, the Premier League did not cancel their game. The three players took a gamble (as could have anyone else) and it paid off.

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