It’s just been confirmed that the Leicester v Spurs game for this evening has been postponed. As per the rules, that makes this round void. A reprieve for Dan Milton, Lauren Haigh, Patrick Boddy and Stuart Davies – whose selections lost last night!

Full rules can be viewed here, but rule 10 covers this:
10. In the event of a match involving your selection being postponed or cancelled (after you have made your selection) for any reason you will continue to the next round. However, that team will no longer be available for selection. If 3 or more games in one round are cancelled then the round will be voided and the game will continue with the next planned round. Once a postponement is confirmed then the teams involved can no longer be selected. The pot cannot be won by winning with a selection involving a postponed match. In such an event, the person still standing would play an additional round and would need to win that next round to take the pot. Failure to win that round would result in the pot rolling over to the next game.

Round 5 is now the games this coming weekend – assuming things aren’t cancelled. Deadline will be 6pm tomorrow night – Friday 17th.

ROUND 5 (deadline 6pm – 17th Dec)
Saturday 18 December 2021
Man Utd 12:30 Brighton
Aston Villa 15:00 Burnley
Southampton 15:00 Brentford
Watford 15:00 Crystal Palace
West Ham 15:00 Norwich
Leeds 17:30 Arsenal
Sunday 19 December 2021
Everton 12:00 Leicester
Newcastle 14:00 Man City
Wolves 14:00 Chelsea
Spurs 16:30 Liverpool

“Donnellygate” – as one player has called it – rumbles on. Whilst operating within the rules, some feel that recent selections have been unsportsmanslike. I can’t change the rules mid-game but I am looking to amend the rule around postponements for the next game (to be fair, the rule was initially put in to cover games affected by weather before this thing called COVID came along!). My current thinking is to change the rule in future games that if someone picks a team from a game that has a question mark over it then they will have to also submit a reserve option in case the game is later confirmed as postponed. If no reserve option is received and a game is postponed then the onus would be on that player to submit a replacement selection before the first game of the round kicks off (it won’t be my responsibility to chase people) or they would get the default option instead (ie lowest placed alphabetical team that they haven’t yet picked – or, in this instance, may be the highest placed league team that they haven’t used yet). It’s a difficult one to call as in some cases there may not be any media speculation – like the Burnley v Watford postponement on Wednesday, that came a bit out of the blue just hours before kick-off. Also, reading this week that Brighton and Leicester had asked for their games to be postponed but were refused. If anyone has any other thoughts about how to handle this, I am open to suggestions. I know some people are in games where comms are done via a WhatsApp group but would want to avoid that as I have been in one myself and the pings get unbearable (and I like the anonymity of selections until deadline has passed)!!


Let’s play nice!! 🙂

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