Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Well, so far only two games have been called off, so this round is currently on (one more postponement will void it though and noise coming out of Newcastle this morning 🙁).

Assuming this round does go ahead then it will be a quick turnaround for Round 6, fixtures below. If this round does become void then fixtures below for Round 6 will be a revised Round 5! Deadline for whatever round it is will be noon on Friday 31st December. FA Cup kicks off the week after so hopefully a bit of a break may see some sort of normality return back to the game! Thanks for everyone’s patience!!

Round 5 picks can be viewed here.

ROUND 6  (deadline noon – 31st Dec)
Saturday 1 January 2022
Arsenal 12:30 Man City
Leicester 15:00 Norwich
Watford 15:00 Spurs
Crystal Palace 17:30 West Ham
Sunday 2 January 2022
Brentford 14:00 Aston Villa
Everton 14:00 Brighton
Leeds 14:00 Burnley
Southampton 14:00 Newcastle
Chelsea 16:30 Liverpool
Monday 3 January 2022
Man Utd 17:30 Wolves

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