LMS – 2020/21 – GAME 1

Fixtures released today for the new season starting in just over 3 weeks time, so time to get this season’s LMS kicked off as well ☺

Full rules in the LMS Rules link in the above menu, but basic rule is to pick a team you think will win their game. If they win, you go through – lose or draw and you are out. The last person remaining takes the pot. Entry fee remains at £5. A total of 20 games have now been played, with prize money of £5190 (last season was 6 games with £1935 total of prize money). Email me for details for sending entry fee if you don’t have them.
Email your entry to me by the closing time of 5pm on Friday 12th September  (there may be a Friday night game). All things gone to plan, I should be away somewhere on holiday at that point but I should be able to send some sort of update out after the entry closure.
First 4 rounds of games:
Saturday 12 September 2020
Crystal Palace 15:00 Southampton
Fulham 15:00 Arsenal
Liverpool 15:00 Leeds
Spurs 15:00 Everton
West Brom 15:00 Leicester
West Ham 15:00 NewcastleMonday 14 September 2020
Brighton 20:00 Chelsea
Sheffield Utd 20:00 Wolves

Postponed (and can’t be selected)
Burnley TBC Man Utd
Man City TBC Aston Villa

Saturday 19 September 2020
Arsenal 15:00 West Ham
Aston Villa 15:00 Sheffield Utd
Chelsea 15:00 Liverpool
Everton 15:00 West Brom
Leeds 15:00 Fulham
Leicester 15:00 Burnley
Man Utd 15:00 Crystal Palace
Newcastle 15:00 Brighton
Southampton 15:00 Spurs
Wolves 15:00 Man City

Saturday 26 September 2020
Brighton 15:00 Man Utd
Burnley 15:00 Southampton
Crystal Palace 15:00 Everton
Fulham 15:00 Aston Villa
Liverpool 15:00 Arsenal
Man City 15:00 Leicester
Sheffield Utd 15:00 Leeds
Spurs 15:00 Newcastle
West Brom 15:00 Chelsea
West Ham 15:00 Wolves

Saturday 3 October 2020
Arsenal 15:00 Sheffield Utd
Aston Villa 15:00 Liverpool
Chelsea 15:00 Crystal Palace
Everton 15:00 Brighton
Leeds 15:00 Man City
Leicester 15:00 West Ham
Man Utd 15:00 Spurs
Newcastle 15:00 Burnley
Southampton 15:00 West Brom
Wolves 15:00 Fulham

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