The Super 6 league table can be viewed here. The competition kicked off with the start of the Championship on Saturday 7th August.

38 players signed up for the league. In addition to the league, I am also running two cup competitions – a straight knockout competition and a Champions league style tournament.

Champions League – all 38 players are in the competition. There are 8 groups, each team play each other twice – 6 groups of 5, 2 groups of 4. Top two in each group will progress to the knockout stage. Seedings for the group draw was based on league positions after Round 10 of the Super 6 competition (25th September). Competition progress can be viewed here.
Dates for the matches are (replays in brackets):
Group Stage:

2nd October – all groups
23rd October – A-F
6th November – all groups
20th November – A-F
27th November – all groups

11th December – all groups
18th December – A-F
8th January – all groups
15th January – A-F
22nd January   – all groups
Knockout (replay in brackets):
Round of 16 – 5th February (12th February)
Quarter Finals – 26th February (5th March)
Semi Finals – 2nd April (9th April)
Final – 30th April (7th May)
Knockout Cup – This is a straight knockout tournament. The bottom 12 in the league (after Round 10 – 25th September) will play a qualification round. The winner of the 6 ties will then join the other 26 players in the full competition. In the event of a draw, there will be a replay to determine the winner (usually the following round of Super 6). Competition progress can be viewed here.
Dates for the cup are as follows (replays in brackets):
Qualifying Round – 16th October (23rd October)
2nd Round – 30th October (6th November)
3rd Round – 4th December (11th December)
Quarter Finals – 1st January (15th  January)
Semi Finals – 12th February (19th February)
Final – 9th April (16th April)